Services Client

Services Client

l  Chemical, Petrochemical & Oil and Gas


²  Chang Chun Group

• Chang Chun PetroChemical Co., LTD.

• Dairen Chemical Corporation

²  China Petrochemical Development Corp.

²  CPC Corporation, Taiwan

• Natural Gas Business Division

 Petrochemical Business Division

• Refining Business Division

²  Formosa Plastics Group

  Formosa Chemical & Fiber Corp.

  Formosa Petrochemical Corp.

  Nan Ya Plastics Corp.

²  Guang-Zan Co., Ltd.

²  Isola Asia Pacific (Taiwan)

²  LCY Group

  LCY Chemical Corp.

  LCY Technology Corp.

  Taiwan Polysilicon Corp.

²  Kaohsiung Monomer Company Ltd.

²  Oriental Union Chemical Corp.

²  Powertec Energy Corp.

²  Shihlien Energy Technology Co.

²  Taiwan Prosperity Chemical Corp.

²  Yi Mao Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

²  CTCI Co.

²  CTCI Machinery Co.

²  Fu-Tai Engineering Co.

²  Honest Prosperity Green Tech. Co. (Thailand Rayon Public Co.)

²  Logistics Tech. Co. (Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.) 

l  Road Vehicles & Railway

²  Brecknell Willis & Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch

²  China Steel Machinery Co. (Taiwan Railways Administration)

²  Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery Mfg. Co.

²  Delta Electronics, Inc.

²  Fortune Electric Co., Ltd.

²  Horng Yu Electric Co., Ltd.

²  Marubeni Corporation Transportation Project Branch

²  Motorola Solutions Taiwan Ltd.

²  Pteris Global Limited

²  Siemens Pte Ltd. (Singapore)

²  Siemens Ltd. Taiwan

²  Taiwan High Speed Rail Co.

²  Taiwan Jenfort Enterprise Co., Ltd.

²  Tatung Co.

²  CTCI Co. (Land Transport Authority, Singapore)

²  Toshiba Digital Media Network Taiwan Co. (Taiwan High Speed Rail) 

l  Machinery, Semiconductor and LCD manufacturing and Others

²  AU Optronics Co.

²  Grand Plastic Tech. Co.

²  Institute of Nuclear Energy Research

²  KIKITECH Co., Ltd.

²  Powerchip Technology Corp.

²  QSES Inc.

²  Rexchip Electronics Co. (Micron Technology, Inc.)

²  SGS Taiwan

²  TÜV Rheinland Taiwan

²  TÜV Nord Taiwan

²  UL Taiwan

²  Value Valves Co., Ltd.