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CGE Risk Management Solutions

l   Website: https://www.cgerisk.com

l   Solutions: BowtieXP, IncidentXP, AuditXP, Bowtie Server

Energywell is an official Value-Added Reseller (VAR) and a technical support cooperation partner of CGE Risk Management Solutions started from Feb. 2019. CGE’s professional toolkits, i.e. BowTieXP, IncidentXP, AuditXP, and BowTie Server, can support our clients to implement risk management of major accidents/hazards, barrier performance management and hazards control and analysis, etc. The toolkits are helpful in assisting safety and risk management.

Cybersecurity Technology Institute (CSTI)Institute for Information Industry (III)

l   Website: https://web.iii.org.tw

CSTI/III is the most representative and important research and development institute for cyber and/or information security solutions in Taiwan and a non-profit organization that contributes to government cyber and/or information security policy development. Energywell is a cooperation partner of CSTI to promote the Industrial Control System (ICS) cybersecurity risk assessment, control and management relevant consultant services in Taiwan from May 2019. It will be focused on the cyber risk management, solutions and services providing for the Internet of Things‎ (IoT), Artificial Intelligence IoT, 5G, Industry 4.0, and Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) applications.

Cybernet Technology Co., Ltd.

l   Website: http://www.cybernet-ap.com.tw

l   Solutions: ANSYS Medini Analyze, ANSYS SCADE Suite

Cybernet Technology is an official reseller and technical support locally in Taiwan of ANSYS Inc. Energywell is a cooperation partner of Cybernet Technology to promote ANSYS’ system, hardware, and software project lifecycle management and functional safety management solutions, such as ANSYS Medini Analyze, ANSYS SCADE, etc. ANSYS Medini Analyze is applied in the development of safety-critical Electrical and Electronic (E/E) and Software (SW) controlled systems in domains like automotive, aerospace or industrial equipment. It is specifically tailored to the domain-specific standards ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and ARP 4761. ANSYS SCADE Suite is used to design critical software, such as flight control and engine control systems, landing gear systems, automatic pilots, power and fuel management systems, cockpit displays, rail interlocking systems and signaling, automatic train operation, computer-based train control, emergency braking systems, over speed protection, train vacancy detection, nuclear power plant controls, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in cars, and many other aerospace, railway, energy, automotive and industrial applications. ANSYS SCADE Suite KCG Code Generator is qualifiable as a development tool under DO-178B level A or as a DO-330 TQL-1 tool under DO-178C. It is qualified under ISO 26262:2011 at ASIL D and C and certified under IEC 61508:2010 at T3/SIL 3 and EN 50128:2011 at T3/SIL 3/4.